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James - Tuxedo
James - Tuxedo
Weisses Hemd mit schwarzer Smokinhose und schwarzer Fliege.
Schwarzer Smokinganzug mit schwarz glänzenden Schuhen.
Schwarze Smokingfliege mit Smokingsakko.
Wiesses Einstecktuch mit schwarzem Smokinganzug.
Schwarzer Smokinganzug mit weissem Hemd.
Schwarze Smokinghose mit Kummerbund und schwarz glänzenden Schuhen.
Elegante schwarz glänzende Schuhe.
James - Tuxedo
James - Tuxedo

James - Tuxedo

Includes shirt, shoes, and 4 accessories - If you want to outshine James Bond.

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Tuxedo Jacket Black

49,00 €

Tuxedo Trousers Black

40,00 €

Shirt with Cufflinks Ivory

25,00 €

Vorgebundene Fliege in schwarz.
Bow Tie Black

12,00 €

Einstecktuch in der Farbe weiss.
Pocket Square White

12,00 €

Schwarzer Kummerbund passend zum Smoking.
Tuxedo Cummerbund Black

12,00 €

Shoes Black Glossy

25,00 €

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All-inclusive package without washing

The James outfit is the complete tuxedo package. James is the right choice for upscale festive occasions such as galas, balls, and dinner parties, and it is a must if the dress code for your event is Black-Tie or Tuxedo. It includes both matching glossy shoes and the elegant ivory-white shirt with the classic concealed button placket. The sleeves are kept longer so that they protrude under the jacket, showcasing the included cufflinks. The sleeves are folded once before the cufflinks are inserted.

An essential accessory is the cummerbund, as the tuxedo trousers do not have belt loops and cannot be worn with a belt! It is adjustable in size and must be worn tightly. The black bow tie is also a classic companion to the ensemble. The final accent is provided by the white pocket square in combination with the protruding sleeves.