Business Anzug anthrazit mit hellblauer Krawatte.
Weisses Hemd mit hellblauer Krawatte und Hose in anthrazit.
Hochwertiger Anzug in anthrazit mit schwarzen Lederschuhen.
Hellblaue Krawatte mit weissen Hemd und Anzugsakko anthrazit.
Hochwertige Anzughose ind Anthrazit mit schwarzem Ledergürtel und schwarzen Lederschuhen.
Schöne schwarze Lederschuhe.


For a strong presence in business.

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You want to make a good impression in business or stand out more than just being ordinary at the party, then this combination is exactly right for you. The anthracite suit represents strength, power, and authority. This should make it clear to everyone who is in charge in the room. And after the speech, this outfit is also perfect for owning the dance floor.

The "Christian" outfit includes the following products:
  • Anthracite suit jacket & trousers
  • White shirt
  • Light blue tie
  • Black belt
  • Black shoes

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