Hochzeitsanzug mit Blauem Anzug und hellblauer Hochzeitweste.
Hellblaue Hochzeitsweste  mit hellblauen Plastron und blauen Anzugshosen.
Blauer Anzug mit cognac Lederschuhen.
Hellblaues Hochzeitseinstecktuch in blauem Anzug.
Hellblaue Hochzeitweste mit cognac Ledergürtel und blauem Anzug.
Blaue Anzughose mit hellblauer Weste und cognac Lederschuhe und Ledergürtel.
Lederschuhe in cognac.


Say YES to her, say YES to this fashion eye-catcher

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If the most beautiful day in life is meant to become a fashionable showstopper, then you can indulge yourself here. With waistcoat and tie, you have the extras that will not only dress you up but also make you look especially stunning. The delicate light blue of the extras brings the entire look to life. For once, all eyes will be on the groom. The best part is that you'll feel comfortable while celebrating, because beauty can also be comfortable.

The outfit "Claudio" includes the following products:

  • Suit Jacket & Trousers Blue
  • Shirt White
  • Wedding Vest Light Blue
  • Wedding Plastron Light Blue
  • Wedding Pocket Square Light Blue
  • Belt Cognac
  • Shoes Cognac

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