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Hochzeitsanzug mit Blauem Anzug und hellblauer Hochzeitweste.
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Eleganter Hochzeitsanzug bestehend aus Sakko, weißem Hemd, Hose und braunen Lederschuhen
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Eleganter Smoking in schwarz mit Smokingfliege, Kummerbund und weissem Einstecktuch.
James - Tuxedo
James - Tuxedo
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Sale price160,00 €
Festlicher blauer Anzug mit blauer Weste, weissem Hemd, blauer Fliege, und Cognac Schuhe und Gurt
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Your Guide to the Ideal Wedding Suit

Whether you're a future wedding guest or groom, you shouldn't miss these valuable tips on how to make your wedding suit look perfect. A well-fitted suit is of great importance. In this guide, you'll learn what to pay attention to, ensuring that your suit fits like it's tailor-made and enhances your appearance on the wedding day.

From the right fit of the jacket and pants to the appropriate shirt and accessories, all the way to the shoes – we cover all essential aspects so that you can enjoy the day with style and confidence. Join us on this journey and learn how to perfect your suit and add your own special touch.

Bride and groom in dress and tuxedo

Tips & Tricks for Your Perfect Wedding Suit

A good suit is characterized by many different features that come together to create an unforgettable look.

The optimal fit is crucial. The men's jacket and suit pants should fit like they're tailor-made, neither too tight nor too loose. They should flatter the body shape and provide freedom of movement. High-quality materials make a difference. A suit made from premium fabric not only looks better but also feels more comfortable and maintains its shape throughout the day.

The style of the suit should match the wearer's individual taste and the wedding style, whether it's classic, modern, vintage, or extravagant. The suit should underline personal style and be suitable for the occasion. The color of the suit is important to complete the overall picture. Classic colors like black, dark blue, or gray are timeless and versatile, while bolder colors or patterns add an individual touch to the outfit.

Pay attention to clean seams, well-fitting buttons, and careful craftsmanship to leave a high-quality impression. Choosing the right accessories, such as tie, pocket square, cufflinks, and shoes, completes the look and gives it that special something.

The ideal suit should give you confidence and a comfortable feeling, as it not only makes a good impression externally but also emotionally connects you.

How to Wear the Perfect Suit - Your Checklist

Wearing a properly fitting suit at the wedding is crucial to achieve an elegant and appealing look.

  • The jacket should fit properly at the shoulders, not too tight or too wide. The shoulders should be straight and not extend beyond the natural shoulder line.
  • We recommend sleeve length to the wrist, with about an inch of the shirt visible underneath.
  • Ensure that the pants sit at hip height, not too high or too low. They should be comfortable and provide enough freedom of movement. The length of the pants should allow them to rest lightly on the shoes without excessive folds. The back hem should end just above the ground.
  • The shirt should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. The shoulder seams of the shirt should align with the wearer's shoulders.
  • The collar of the shirt should not be too tight or too loose and should comfortably encircle the neck.
  • Fold the pocket square neatly, peeking slightly out of the suit's breast pocket.
  • The tie or bowtie should be carefully and stylishly tied to create an appealing look.
  • Choose well-fitting and comfortable shoes that match the style and color of the suit.

By ensuring that the suit fits well in the right places, you can achieve a flawless look and feel comfortable and confident during the wedding.

Wedding guest or groom in suit with bowtie

Types of Suits for Weddings You Should Definitely Know!

There are different types of suits that can be worn for various occasions.

  • The classic suit is timeless and versatile, consisting of a jacket and pants often made from the same fabric. Colors range from classic black or dark blue to various shades of gray. The classic suit is suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions, including weddings.
  • The tuxedo is an elegant and formal suit variant primarily used for festive events, gala events, or weddings with a strict dress code. It is characterized by a black jacket with shiny lapels and straight-cut pants. Traditionally, the tuxedo is paired with a white shirt, a black bowtie, a cummerbund, or a vest.
  • The vintage-style suit has a nostalgic touch and is inspired by past eras. Various vintage styles can be used, such as the 1920s style with narrow cuts and pinstripes or the 1960s style with narrow lapels and shorter jackets. These types of suits are suitable for weddings with a retro or vintage theme, allowing for an individual and stylish appearance.

Each type of suit has its own charm and is suitable for different occasions. When choosing a suit, it's important to consider the dress code and personal style to create a look that fits both you and the occasion.

These Colors Are Ideal for Your Suit

When it comes to individuality, classic colors like gray and blue can provide a subtle base that allows room for personal style. Accents such as a colored pocket square, a striking tie, or a bold shirt can add individuality to the gray men's suit.

Lighter colors are particularly suitable for summer weddings, as they give the outfit a fresh and airy feel. Color options like light gray, beige, light blue, and pastel tones such as delicate pink, lavender, or mint green exude elegance, casualness, freshness, and romance, complementing various wedding color themes.

Gray is a versatile color that works well for weddings. Light gray tones like silver gray or light gray give the outfit a fresh and light touch, while darker gray tones like charcoal or stone gray represent an elegant and classic choice.

Blue suits are both elegant and contemporary. Lighter blue tones like sky blue work especially well for summer weddings, providing the outfit with a fresh look. Darker blue tones like navy or royal blue exude elegance and sophistication.

Regardless of the color you ultimately choose, make sure it complements the wedding style, season, and the wearer's personal taste. The right color choice will turn the suit into the stylish highlight of the outfit.


How to Find the Perfect Accessories for the Wedding Suit

Matching accessories for the wedding suit can complete the look and add an individual touch.

A tie or bowtie is a classic accessory that adds elegance to the suit. Choose a tie or bowtie that matches the suit's color and the overall style of the wedding. A pocket square in the suit's breast pocket is a stylish detail that enhances the outfit. Choose a pocket square that matches the shirt or tie/bowtie in color or pattern. Cufflinks are an elegant addition to the shirt. They can add a personal touch to the outfit and are particularly popular at formal weddings.

A matching belt can round off the outfit and emphasize the suit in the right place. Choose a belt that matches the color of the shoes and complements the suit's style. Suspenders are an alternative to the belt and give the outfit a vintage touch. They can be both practical and stylish, emphasizing the suit.


The shoes are a crucial element of the outfit. Choose high-quality leather shoes that match the suit's color and are well-maintained. Pay attention to a suitable style that matches the shape and dress code of the wedding. Socks should match the suit and shoes. You can choose classic solid-colored socks or try bolder colors or patterns to add an individual touch to the outfit. Also, consider wearing a subtle watch or other accessories such as cufflinks or a pocket square holder.

The selection of accessories depends on personal style, the wedding's dress code, and the overall picture of the outfit. By skillfully combining these accessories, you can enhance the wedding suit and achieve an elegant and individual look.

No-Gos: What Wedding Guests Should Definitely Consider When Choosing Their Suits

Witnesses and guests have a lot to consider at a wedding, including the dress code. Here are some important no-gos that you should definitely consider when choosing your suit:

  • As a guest, make sure to avoid wearing a completely white suit. White is traditionally reserved for the bride and could be seen as disrespectful or in competition with the bride.
  • Do not wear an excessively formal suit if the dress code is more casual, and vice versa – for example, a business suit. Stick to the invitation guidelines and adjust your suit accordingly.
  • Avoid suits with bold patterns or bright colors that could be too distracting. You don't want to divert attention from the bride and groom or the wedding celebration.
  • Ensure that your suit has the right length and fit. Too short pants, too long sleeves, or an overly tight suit can appear unprofessional and unkempt.
  • Make sure your suit is clean, pressed, and in good condition. Avoid worn or poorly maintained clothing, as it can leave an inappropriate impression.
  • Choose your accessories thoughtfully and avoid an overloaded appearance. Stick to one or two selected accessories to stylishly complement the outfit without overdoing it.

It's essential to focus on the bride and groom and to treat your outfit with respect. By avoiding these no-gos, you can wear an appropriate and stylish suit that suits the wedding and distinguishes you as a tasteful guest.

Groom with wedding guests in tuxedo

Q&A - Questions and Answers for the Perfect Wedding Suit

What is the difference between a regular suit and a wedding suit?

A wedding suit typically differs in its suitability for the special occasion. It may have subtle details such as a coordinated lining fabric, special buttons, or a more elegant design. Additionally, a wedding suit is often combined with matching accessories such as a vest or cummerbund to create a more formal look.

How do I coordinate my suit as a groom with the wedding dress?

The groom's wedding suit should complement the wedding dress but not overshadow it, whether for the ceremony, registry office, or wedding. The suit's color can be aligned with the color palette of the wedding dress. A harmonious overall look is achieved by coordinating accessories such as tie, pocket square, or boutonniere with the style and colors of the wedding dress.

How do I rent a wedding suit online?

When renting a wedding suit online with adretto, it's important to provide your exact measurements and follow the size charts. Our experts will then find you a wedding suit that fits your body shape. If the suit doesn't fit 100%, we'll be happy to send you another one free of charge with the necessary adjustments.

Wedding couple in suits

adretto - You're in the Right Place for Suit Rentals

With our online service, you can rent suits and tuxedos in just a few minutes and have them delivered to your home for free. Our suits are made of the finest Italian wool, providing a comfortable wearing experience without feeling stiff or uncomfortable.

Use our configurator to put together your own outfit or get inspired by our complete suits. If you don't know your suit size, don't worry – our team will help you.

We use a precise and straightforward sizing process where you only need to answer a few questions about your body shape. Our specialists review every order for accuracy to ensure the suit fits perfectly.

You'll receive your suit about 10 days before your event, delivered to your home for free, giving you enough time for fitting. If something isn't perfect, we'll send you an alternative size for free. After wearing, you can return the outfit unwashed to us. We cover the shipping costs. We thoroughly clean all items to prepare them for the next rental.

It has never been so easy to look good! Discover your suit now and experience the comfortable and stylish way to order your perfect suit online.