Was Frauen mögen

What Women Like

Women like men with bulging wallets and expensive tuxedos! Is that really true?

What absolute nonsense. It may be that there were times when that was the case. Times when women were not yet emancipated and, at best, had a man to lead them to a good financial life. But that was so long ago that dinosaurs were probably still grazing in the Alps.

Today, women's world has changed just as much as the whole globe has. According to studies, the man with humor, intelligence, cleverness and a bright head is what is being sought today. If this little head is still attractive, that will certainly help. A deep mind is sexy and can open many doors.

Yes, just imagine: the image of women has changed in such a way that the way women see men has also changed. The world has changed and topics such as foresight and sustainability are more important than magnificent villas and overcrowded wardrobes.

The cliché of “Mister Moneybag”, who drives up in an expensive luxury car in a priceless suit, has long been dusty and can be shelved.

No one is keen on seeing their kids grow up on a broken planet. Even the thickest wallet doesn't change that. There's probably a lot that makes this wallet enjoyable, but it's certainly not actions that break more than is already broken.

Sound easy? It is!

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