Interview mit Christoph

Interview with Christoph

Christoph is the tech guy of adretto. He programs until the lines glow – without him, the net would be quite clueless.

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Why did you change job-wise to the startup world?
What appeals to me most is working in a small team again, in which I have a close relationship with every single colleague. My last employer (Zalando) had tens of thousands of employees. This inevitably means that you spend a large part of your time in coordination meetings. At adretto, this communication overhead is very low and I can finally use my time again to use my talents to advance the company. It gives me an incredibly liberating feeling.


Would you say that you left your comfort zone for adretto?
I would say I'm even deeper in my comfort zone 😀.

What makes your work at adretto special?
Territorial thinking is foreign to the adretto team. I'm someone who constantly has new ideas, often on topics that are far beyond technology. Such ideas are always welcomed, even if they lie deep in another team member's domain. This is an important part of our corporate culture and makes us a strong team!


What do you enjoy most about your job?
adretto is a start-up where business is good, but whose IT business is rather primitive. The potential to accelerate processes through IT is enormous. For me it's a dream. I have complete freedom to plan, execution is happening at breakneck speed under my fingertips, and each week when I show the team my progress, everyone is blown away. That's really fun!


Have you ever had moments when you asked yourself why you put yourself through the startup stress?
No. So far I can't say that I've ever felt stressed at adretto.


Is there one funny, neat moment that you can tell us about?
It turns out that Lorenz and I have very similar tastes in t-shirts: We've already found two t-shirts that we both have in our closets. I'm curious if we will find more common clothes.


Hand on heart: Do you like wearing suits?
I like the special feeling you get when you wear a suit. Unfortunately, I rarely have the opportunity to do so. However, with adretto I have a much better overview of events where suits can be worn. My wife and I plan to go to at least one ball this year. I'm looking forward to telling you about it in the adretto blog.