Interview mit Andrea

Interview with Andrea

Andrea Oldani is the name of the creative woman at adretto. She is responsible for the marketing department and needs eyes that see everything and ears that hear everything.
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Why did you switch to the startup world in terms of your job?
I worked in marketing in various industries. In addition to a large, renowned eCommerce company, I worked for a confectionery in central Switzerland. I learned a lot during this time, but at the end of the day I had a great urge to “do more” again – to get something going together in a small team, to work with short distances and in a flat hierarchy. This is possible with adretto. Lorenz as CEO and founder allows for creativity, initiative and “doing” – yes, he welcomes and even demands it. Every person at adretto is a key person. I like that.

Would you say you left your comfort zone for adretto?
I think so, yes. I have never worked in a startup before. But I realize: it depends on every single day. It's up to you and you have control over how quickly the startup grows (in addition to customer demand, of course). That is exactly the daily challenge and motivation. ;-)

What makes your work at adretto special?
Every employee has a voice and is heard. This means that all employees are on equal terms. Everyone is bubbling with motivation and drive, that's what makes the whole thing so special - being surrounded by doers.

What are you most excited about in your job?
The freedom – it feels like it’s your own business. This means I am full of passion and energy. The corporate culture that Lorenz exemplifies as the owner totally corresponds to my vision. You give your best every day, work wherever you want and receive the utmost trust in yourself and your specialist knowledge. For me personally it doesn't feel like a job. 

Have you ever had moments where you asked yourself why you were putting yourself through the startup stress?
Not at all. On the contrary - I really like the startup groove.

Is there a funny preppy moment you can tell us?
Well... when the owner isn't strutting around the office in his own flip-flops or barefoot, you can judge the men in the team as they try on new suits or accessories - it's also interesting to see men in a "shopping mood" ;-)

Hand on heart: Do you think suits on men are cool?
I generally find people in suits attractive and neat - but preferably without a tie ;-)